Save the Tennis Club at Newport Beach!!

Stop the high-density wall of five story, low-cost apartment towers, adjacent to 9th Green at Newport Beach Country Club, facing the new golf clubhouse and PCH!!!

Co-Owners owning a non-controlling interest of the 7.5-acre NBCC Tennis Property have proposed a solid wall of four-story apartment towers with approximately 260-285 units of which 30% is for low income and 20% for moderate income renters. This would eliminate the promised beautiful new tennis clubhouse and our entire private tennis club.

Sean Abdali of Grand Slam Tennis, the Tenant/Operator and Robert O Hill “Managing Owner” of the NBCC Tennis Property oppose the high density apartment towers. The Managing Owner spent a quarter century getting entitlements to preserve and enhance The Tennis Cub with a beautiful new Tennis Clubhouse, and 8 tennis courts including a new mini stadium court. The approved plan also has a boutique hotel with one-story Bungalows facing the golf course, plus a Fitness Center, Spa and Performance Therapy, all of which were supported by Grand Slam Tennis, Tenant and many of the tennis and golf members.

Our goal is to collect enough petitions to decisively show that residents DO NOT WANT high density apartment towers in such a beautiful location in the heart of Newport Beach and want The Tennis Club preserved and enhance as promised during the entitlement process many years ago with the other approved improvements that produce over $1.5 Million of tax revenue for our City and importantly, reduces instead of drastically increases peak-hour traffic in the heart of our City.

Please sign the petition below asking decision makers to say “NO” to massive apartment towers and the loss of our iconic private tennis club. We will make copies of the petitions and put them in the hands of those who matter regarding this decision. Please pass the word to like-minded friends and neighbors. The petition can be downloaded from the website below and can be mailed (address on petition) or scanned and emailed to

Thank you for caring about our City.